uPVC Doors

Traditional or
uPVC Doors

Choose a door to reflect the character of your home and to compliment the windows. Why not consider replacing the windows and doors at the same time in order to achieve a fully coordinated look. White frames give a clean and modern look but why not consider the more traditional cherry wood or golden oak wood grain finish. Whatever you choose you can be sure that our expert surveyors can advise on exactly the right style for you – all in the comfort of your own home with absolutely no obligation to buy.

Where First Impressions Last

The front door is the first impression that anyone gets of your home. The addition of a replacement double glazed uPVC door makes sure that it gives the right impression. Doors come in many different styles from the more ornate doors to the simple and stylish doors – the choice is as individual as you are. As well as giving a fabulous new look to any property this improvement adds value and also saves money on heating bills in the future. High Spec offers a great variety of high-quality uPVC doors in Birmingham and beyond.

Find Your Perfect uPVC Door with us

Security is of paramount importance whether fitting a stylish front door or a practical back door. All of the doors supplied and fitted by High Spec carry advance security features as standard. Why not ask for a demonstration of the full range of features that are available on all replacement doors.

uPVC Doors versus Traditional Wooden Doors

Unlike traditional wooden doors, uPVC doors are made from unplasticised poly vinyl chloride, a material that is wrapped around a core of galvanised steel and creates a more durable door. Initially, uPVC doors were available in a white plastic look which for some was not considered as attractive as a traditional wooden door. However, now you can buy uPVC doors and windows in a range of styles and designs. Not only can you match all of your windows and doors, but with High Spec Windows in Birmingham you can even have a wood grain finish.

There are many reasons why uPVC doors were considered the better option to traditional doors, here are the main ones:  uPVC doors reduce noise pollution: compared to traditional doors, uPVC doors are able to keep more of the noise out of your house, which means you won’t hear passers-by or cars or any outside noise nearly as much as you would have done before.  They are more energy efficient: uPVC doors will often provide better insulation than traditional doors, they keep the heat in more. As uPVC doors are usually more energy efficient they will save you some money on your energy bills.

Other Benefits

uPVC doors are not impacted by the weather

Increases and decreases in temperature along with a damp climate can make a door swell, shrink or even warp, leaving it difficult to use and potentially losing you money on energy bills. Whereas uPVC doors are weatherproof, they are not affected by the temperature.

Less maintenance

Traditional doors wear and tear much easier than uPVC doors, they become faded and discoloured and their functionality can be severely impacted by the weather. This means that wooden traditional doors need on-going maintenance to ensure they look good and work properly. uPVC doors do not need any real on-going maintenance except for a quick clean every now and then with a soapy sponge.

They are more secure

uPVC doors are made from a core of galvanised steel, making them considerably stronger, more durable and more secure than traditional wooden doors are.

Now available in wider selection

When uPVC was first made available many people were put off by the way it looked. The increase in much wider choice of design and style of uPVC available now overcame this problem and uPVC became a popular way to ensure all doors and windows matched.

Completely Maintenance Free

uPVC doors require no maintenance! Think about it – no painting, leaking, rotting or warping. More secure than wooden doors with advanced locking features as standard. All you have to do is fit them and forget them! The occasional wipe over with a soft close and mild soapy water is still required and it will keep them looking their best. You can trust High Spec Windows to be your Number one trusted provider of uPVC doors in Birmingham or the greater West Midlands area.