Global Conservatory Roofing

UK’s Best Seller

Quality is key at HiSpec windows in Birmingham, which is why we offer our customers only the best. The Global conservatory roof is the UK’s number one, best-selling conservatory roof and with its range of benefits and features, it is not hard to see why.

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What makes Global conservatory roof systems unique?

Otherwise known as a Global Orangery roof, this conservatory roof system is made to the highest standard and using the finest materials, including aluminium and PVC-U. Before being released, the Global Orangery roof was put through rigorous testing, to ensure that it completely weather-proofs the conservatory or orangery, is robust in its structure, and that if provides the best thermal performance possible. To make the Global range really stand out from the crowd, they are available in a range of sizes and styles, which means there is sure to be something that suits the current design of your home, or any re-designs you may have planned.

Key Features

One of the reasons Global conservatory roof systems are so popular is due to the range of features they provide their customers. Here are some of the unique features you will get from a Global conservatory roof range, that you may not get from others:

Extra Security: The Tie Bolt locking mechanism drastically reduces movement between the rafter and the bolt, which in turn creates a stronger anti-slip joint connection.

Watertight features: With a starter bar to create a perfect lead flashing line, the house and conservatory are seamlessly connected to one another, which creates a watertight seal without the need for lead top capping. In addition, the `single bolt design also increases the watertight feature of the conservatory.

Weather-proof: The global range has been rigorously tested to ensure that it can handle extreme weather conditions, as a result, these conservatories can withstand wind speeds of over 250 k/ph, and snow loads of 2.7 metres.

Robustness: High strength rafters are used for these designs, making them stronger and more durable than alternatives.

Aesthetics: With concealed and low-level gaskets, unsightly lines are covered, creating a seamless and beautiful clean finish. With decorative end caps, the conservatory is given a ‘finished’ look from every angle. With elegant looking internal tie bars, the roof is reinforced without any unsightly tie bars protruding into the conservatory.

Aluminium top caps: All painted and woodgrain top caps are made from aluminium to prevent them from distorting and warping in severe weather conditions.

Range of designs: from Victorian to Gabel, to Georgian, these conservatories come in a range of styles, helping you to choose one that matches the tone of your home perfectly. In addition, there are three ridges to choose from, allowing you to really tailor your conservatory.

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